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Prof. Hee-Yeol Lee 4th Philosophy meeting (2019.5.28)

This is a philosophical discussion group hosted by Professor Hee-Yeol Lee.

You can read the pager on the Science World website and participate.

This week's paper is "The Self and the Future."

The setting of the cognitive experiment is described in pages 76 to 78. The core part of the paper is described in pages 84. These will be the main points of the meeting on the 28th.

It's a tough piece of paper, but we're going to go ahead with the discussion just like before, so everyone can participate without any more. As with the last meeting, Professor Lee Hee-yeol gave a brief background and discussed freely.

This is the last meeting of the semester, and at the end of the meeting, there will be a brief explanation on the topic of the next semester.

You don't have to be completely aware of the content . Anyone interested can participate. :)

* Date : May 28 (Tue) 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

* Serve with pizza and drinks

* Contact Us : / 010-5007-4305