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fSM Mini Concert in Science Cabin (2019.5.17)

Updated: May 21, 2019

A mini concert will be held at 4 p.m. on the 17th (Friday) at the Fruit House (Science Cabin, 125 dong) under the theme of "Flowing ggool."

It shows that honey can play a similar role as money goes by and the economy works.

American singer Dave Beck will be invited to perform at the concert.

Dave Beck moved to Korea in 2013 after years of performing in New York City.

While he was working as a barista on 'Think Coffee' in New York City, he became known in Korea a little by little while appearing on MBC's <Infinite Challenge>, and in the KBS documentary <People and People> he also covered living in Korea while living in music.

In fact, Beck developed new themes and melodies in Korea, and in 2014, he re-released his debut album, "Stranger Homes", in Korea.

In May last year, "Send by Sea," the second album to be released in Korea, was released.

Other artists such as Kim Jae-soo, Park Min-hoon, Chun Eun-yong, Pungseong, CIOI and others will participate in various performances. Coffee and juice can be purchased using honey during the concert. Through these activities, you can experience the value of honey and become familiar with the concept of fSM.

Come without any pressure and have a good time for everyone.

Science Walden