SCIENCE CABIN, UNIST Gil 50, Eonyang-Eup, Ulju-Gun, Ulsan

Phone: +82 52 217 2834


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Science Cabin is a science + arts convergence research center of Science Walden. The Cabin has two stories above ground for living area and art residency, one underground for bioenergy center.

The public, artists, and scientists can stay over nights in the Cabin and see how bioenergy can be generated and how FSM works, and the art works sharing the value and ideas of the Cabin. If you want to stay in the Cabin, please click the reservations tab above.

The electricity in the Cabin is generated from the feces by the people who use the toilets in the Cabin.


Prof. Jaeweon Cho is the Director of Science Walden Project. The right is the interview of him about Science Cabin.

Interviewer: LIM Da Eun(Unist student magazine Ubal )

Please introduce Science Cabin, the second project of Science Walden.


We were thinking about how to root FSM in the world. If people can experience it while they actually stay at a place, they will have a more vivid feeling of the world Science Walden is working on. So, Science Cabin is a living place as well as a research center and a  place where you can imagine the future.


So does it have a living area and a research area?


There is a living area, a research area and an activity area called a sharing area. In the sharing area, we have a little kitchen and a studio. This place is  for dining together or working together. All kinds of flows - a flow of poo, a flow of energy, a flow of water, a flow of human connection, a flow of money - will arise in Science Cabin.

How will the research run in Science Cabin?


First of all, anyone can stay at Science Cabin, but he/she should do a ‘check-in’. Check-in refers to downloading the Science Walden app. With this app, you can get 10 Ggool (ggool is the currency unit of FSM)  everyday when you defecate at Science Cabin. You will keep 7 ggool and give 3 ggool to your peers. The peers could be anyone; your best friends, someone you just know or people living abroad. FSM can be a connection like social media as in Facebook. Poo can be an income every time and you can share it with someone in the world.


The second research is the “spontaneity” experiment which is about choosing energy options. The visitors of Cabin will choose one of the energies-fossil fuel energy(option A), renewable energy(option B), and bio energy(option C). If the accommodation fee at Science Cabin was 30 dollars, and you chose option A, you’d need to pay 30 dollars. But if you chose option B, your fee would be 31 dollars, option C, 32 dollars. The extra 1 dollar or 2 dollars will be used for renewable energy research. You choices will be recorded in the Science Walden app, so your peers would know your your choices. Even if you used to choose option A to save money, you might change your mind because your peer has chosen option B or C, like ‘Hm, why not use the renewable energy today.’ I look forward to that kind of change, haha.